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Hello, I’m Hollis, collector of beach glass, shells, plants, pottery, random stones, and I am an abstract artist.

I was raised in CT., brought my family up in NH., and am now based on beautiful Cape Cod.
My interest in painting started in high school, but was relegated to non-existent status because I felt I needed a “real” job which lead to 30+ yrs in the medical & spa industry. My creative outlet was decorating my home and I would tell my kids not to stand still to long or they might get a coat of paint!

I finally returned to painting at the urging of my Mom, (thanks Mom) starting with oils, I dove into painting realistically for a couple of years. I joined an artists cooperative gallery, exhibiting my work there for a number of years, and doing outdoor exhibits.

Along the way, I began to feel the need to do something different, having concentrated on landscapes and seascapes.

When I found myself gritting my teeth, I realized the process was no longer enjoyable. I had to paint what was trying to express itself, and it was a whole new (fun) world! Having always been drawn to color and random shapes I felt that abstract would be what I was searching for and I haven’t looked back. In my process I have also discovered that I love to paint large works.

What I hear most from people is they love my use of color, texture, and marks, which is very gratifying.

Anything can become an inspiration for me- a flower, colorful material, another artwork, and the desire to paint that “one more thing” that’s in my head.