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Hollis Fortune, abstract artist, is also a collector of beach glass, shells, plants, pottery, random stones, and funky hats.

Born in Connecticut, her interest in painting began in high school where she was encouraged by two art teachers. Her creativity also included pursuits in enameling, silver smithing and pottery. When she was 18 years old, Hollis moved to New Hampshire where she lived for 30 years and raised her own family, finally settling on Cape Cod in 2009.

On the Cape she returned to painting, joined an artist’s cooperative, became treasurer of the group and exhibited at indoor and outdoor shows. She initially explored realism, using oils to focus on landscapes and seascapes, but soon recognized that she was drawn to color and random shapes and started to create abstract paintings in acrylics. She has since expanded her work to create one-of-a-kind painted garments and abstract painted jewelry.

“What I hear most from people is that they love my use of color, texture and marks which is very gratifying to me. Anything can become an inspiration——a flower, colorful material, another artwork, and the desire to paint that “one more thing” that’s in my head. The possibilities are endless! The array of beauty and talent in this world is remarkable”